They told you that dark brown eyes are empty

My love

People can’t see stars in the polluted sky
So the night holds secrets in it’s inflicted disguise

I’ve seen constellations form when you look at the world

Portals to another universe when I peak into your soul

Dark brown eyes are not empty my dear
The black outer space are where galaxies are born

- Cosmos (via brownpeopleproblems)



741 from Hubble  

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El Gordo
El Gordo is a galaxy cluster located about 7 billion light years away towards the constellation Phoenix. It may be formed from two galaxy clusters that collided and merged, evidenced by the two “tails” it displays. El Gordo is the hottest, most massive galaxy cluster known, and emits the most X-rays.
The cluster contains several hundred galaxies, with a mass estimated at 3,000 times that of the Milky Way. Much of its mass is dark matter, mapped by examining how its mass warps the light from background galaxies. Some of the normal matter has been pulled away from the dark matter from the force of the collision of the original two clusters.
Image from NASA, information from Chandra and HubbleSite.

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Matterhorn + Milky Way | by Ernst Merkhofer.

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